The Tree of Palimpsest

6 minutes · 2018 Explicit

Palimpseste, an old ceramist and storyteller in her spare time, is regularly solicited by Iba and Emeka, two young brawling brothers, to settle their daily conflicts. Rather than offering them a simple answer, Palimpsest finds the perfect analogy between their childish concerns and the life of an African historical figure. So begins the journey in the past of those women and men who made Africa.

I’m Ingrid AGBO, I live in France. I’ve studied cinema at Louis Lumière in Paris and started working as a camera operator and director on many passionate projects. I recently create my own video and film production company, in order to handle my own projects. I have always had a distinct interest in animated films and this goes back to when I was a child. I turn my earlier addiction to animation into a profession. I used to get into adventures which use my skills to handle a variety of new exciting projects. This is how I recently landed in Cartoon-Land.

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