EP 03 | GLOBOI2K16

04:47 · 2018

EP03: This episode is a profile of Atlanta Soundcloud artist GLOBOI2K16! They talk about GLOBOI's musical inspirations, how he got his name, tracks he dug from, of all things, and iPod nano, and more!

About this series:
Because of the way mainstream media works, so many talented artists are being overlooked. In SoundCloud Artists of Atlanta, we're finding new ways to share undiscovered music and the stories of the people who are creating it. There is an emerging underground culture of young artists in Atlanta and we're excited to bring them into the spotlight.

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Production Crew:
Host- Josiah Quiroz
Director- Quintavious Yarbrough
Producer/Co-editor- Quintavious Yarbrough and Josiah Quiroz
Audio- Miles Onfroy
Mentor/Cinematography- John Song
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We believe that the media we create will challenge the status quo and shape our future. No Comment is a digital media network with content conceived, produced, and distributed by the next generation. Through each web series, we seek to educate, empower, and entertain our peers by addressing the world through our own lens.

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Director: Quintavious Yarbrough

Starring: Josiah Quiroz & GLOBOI2K16

Category: Music

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