Burnt Offering - VHS Trailer

2018 | 1:15 | Scene | Explicit

Blackhall Entertainment in Association with Barred Owl Productions Presents Burnt Offering.

Now available on Amazon, Redbox, and VOD.

As four teenage graffiti artists run from the police, they hide in an old abandoned schoolhouse. They quickly discover that someone else is already using the building for their own dark purposes.

Burnt Offering

Starring: Scott Rosenfeld, Paige Hullett, Cameron Chester, Daniel Annone, Christian Scholfield, Michael Bagozzi, Amber Neukum, Tyler Buckingham, and Chris Charm.

Directed by: Steven Perez
Written by: Jennifer Perez & Steven Perez
Produced by: Eric Hooge and Steven Perez
Executive Producer: Ryan Millsap
Casting Director: Nathan DuConge
Director of Photography: Matthew Audino
Edited by: Kurtis Watkins
Music by: Steven Perez & Billy Hume

Social: @BurntOfferingMovie

Director: Steven Perez

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