Collective Knowledge

Collective Knowledge Season 1 Recap

Season 1, Episode 29 | 3:51 |

At Collective Knowledge we think that spreading knowledge is the most altruistic thing we can do as human beings. And that is exactly what we have been doing for the last couple of months, releasing a new episode of our first season every Thursday.

We hope you have enjoyed all the conversations that Gail O'Neill and Felipe Barral have brought to you along with IGNI Productions.

By acknowledging excellence and celebrating achievement in others, we hope to remind you of your own potential for greatness.

We are currently producing and filming season 2. In the meantime, we will bring you special videos like this one, our Season 1 Final Recap. And of course, you can watch all the episodes of season 1 on the THEA Network.

Enjoy, and please share your collective knowledge with us. We want to hear your thoughts and feedback ahead of for season 2.

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