End of Life - Season 1 Trailer

2018 | 1:21 | Scene | Explicit

An original micro-series focused on different doomsday scenarios with different people, places, and things.

Season 1 covers the birth of a zombie outbreak in a small college town.

End of Life

Starring: Tyler Buckingham, Ryan Dorman, Erika Chase, Jennifer Lowery, Chelsea Christopher, Jackie Gonzales, Joshua Jones, Dillin Olshonsky, Scott Yates, Ricardo Esparza, Mary Tabor, Aaron Smith, and Camila Escobar.

Directed by: Steven Perez
Written by: Jennifer Perez & Steven Perez
Produced by: Steven Perez, Jennifer Perez, Ricardo Esparza, Nathan DuConge
Director of Photography: Matthew Audino
Edited by: (Trailer) Kurtis Watkins, (Episodes) Steven Perez
Music by: Steven Perez

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