Engage Ventures - Independent Venture Fund in Atlanta

2018 | 4:20 | Technology |

Engage is the largest ever grouping of corporations in a venture fund. Their hands-on approach connects promising startups with Fortune 1000 enterprises, eliminating the barriers to build successful companies with a solid product-market fit.

The startup founders who go through the program receive invaluable advice from high-level executives within Engage's corporate partners. Some of those partners include AT&T, Chick-fil-A, The Home Depot, UPS, and Delta (visit engage.vc to view the full list).

Each corporation's CEO designates a quarterback, or "QB",
someone with a senior level title at the Fortune 1000 who can quickly get things done. This top-down approach leads to high interaction between the corporation's QB's and the startup founders, which replaces the traditional model of CEOs working their way up the ladder to make connections.

"Doing it together is what's making this really unique. Getting that unique perspective of several companies from different industries and the feedback from that is what makes this special," said Blake Patton, Engage's fund managing partner.

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