Hart of America

Hart of America - Episode Five

Season 1, Episode 5 | 2017 | 3:53 | Entertainment | Explicit

In the backwoods of Georgia, three seemingly disparate storylines unfold. First, we have hard-nosed detective Grace Hart who is partnered with the bumbling officer Horgan and they have to learn to work together to stop a vicious serial killer. Next up Grandma Rose and her grandson Chad are taking a bonding camping trip together, but Chad only seems to be interested in hanging out with the girl from another campsite, which might have deadly repercussions for Rose. Finally, we have experimental anthropologist Willow Sage who discovers an injured Big Foot and decides to nurse him back to health, but Big Foot's drinking problem threatens to derail their blossoming relationship. All of these narratives will collide together and affect each other powerfully in the 10 episode season of the web series: Hart of America.

Keywords: Dad's Garage, Garage, Comedy, Dad, Dad Garage

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