IRIDESCENCE Ep. 1 - "Farsighted"

2018 | 9:49 |

In this pilot episode, we immediately enter the visual mindscape of Eric Morgan where premonitions are like forgotten memories and past lovers could possibly be figments of a fractured imagination. Is this a journey of madness seen through Eric's warped sense of reality or the path to self-discovery? The clues are there but where does the imagination end and the truth begin?

Writer/Director/Producer: Samuel Aaron Simmons
Co-Producer: Madeleine Pearson
Assistant Director: Kristin Cochell
DP(s): D. Aaron Hunter/Theron Barney
Script Supervisor: Erin Hodges
Sound Mixers/Boom Operators: Kevin Weiss, Stacia Rayon, Edgar Daniel Rincon
Make Up: Cari England
Score: Benjamin Dover
Editor/Visual Effects Artist: Samuel Aaron Simmons
Sound design: Samuel Aaron Simmons

Starring - Samuel Aaron Simmons, Carrie Ann Culbertson, Charlton Hoag, Madeleine Pearson with appearances by Alyx Libby & Daniel Baldock

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