IRIDESCENCE Ep. 2 - "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed"

2018 | 24:39 |

Season 1 Episode 2
"Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed"

Eric Morgan takes a train down memory lane shedding light on a questionable past while events begin to surface on a very distorted timeline. As past and future seem to converge, one has to wonder if memories are a commodity that can be both manufactured and manipulated.

Writer/Director/Producer: Samuel Aaron Simmons
Co-Producer: Madeleine Pearson
Assistant Director: Kristin Cochell
DP(s): Luis Lopez/D. Aaron Hunter/Samuel Aaron Simmons
Script Supervisor: Erin Hodges
Sound Mixer/Boom Operator: Kevin Weiss
Score: Benjamin Dover, Borrtex
Editor/Visual Effects Artist: Samuel Aaron Simmons
Sound design: Samuel Aaron Simmons

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