More Than Four: Art Basel Kickoff Experience

2018 | 1:32 | Entertainment |

On November 8th, we celebrated the 2019 Garden Fellows! We introduced our 2018 Garden Fellows: Christa David, Jasmine Williams, Shon Pittman, Evelyn Quinones, Ebony Black, Ariel Dannielle, Ayanna Smith, Angela Davis Johnson, Grace Kisa and Sachi Rome. These are the ten talented women selected to travel on an all-inclusive paid trip to the premier art show and convention.

Ultimately, we plan to not only showcase The Garden Fellows at Basel, but also gather 250+ Black female artists, art collectors, curators and the like to discuss equity, access, and secrets to success. We uphold the women artist that have come before us and we uphold the museums and institutions that have been advocates and treasure keepers of our work. We must continue to support these crucial art galleries and archives while pushing for inclusivity in bigger institutions. The art world is changing y’all, and centering black women’s stories is at the forefront of it. The Kickoff was just the prelude as we pack our bags and hit The Road to Art Basel real soon!
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