Stay Hungry, The Art of Greg Mike

2018 | 9:12 | Grit |

Tenderfoot TV, the content creation company behind hit podcasts “Up and Vanished” and “Atlanta Monster,” partnered with Greg Mike, the artist behind some of Atlanta’s most iconic murals, to create a docu-short “Stay Hungry,” uncovering the story behind Greg’s signature artistic style. The docu-short was co-produced by Station16 - a Tenderfoot TV brand partner.
In “Stay Hungry,” Tenderfoot TV and Station16 dive headfirst into Atlanta's street art scene, getting to know the origin of Greg’s intense passion for reinventing public spaces through art and design. Tenderfoot co-founder Payne Lindsey and Greg Mike sit down together to give viewers an inside scoop on how the artist pairs personal hardship with his city's diverse energy to create something truly inspiring. The artist shares the triumphs and challenges that led him to pursue art and develop his own unique style. We follow Greg behind the scenes in his content creation process coupled with more personal details from the artist’s past: the life-changing experiences that have helped shape his craft, and the inspiration behind his most iconic characters, found on walls all across the globe.

“My art has allowed me to introduce a number of characters to the world, so when it came to introducing myself and my own story, it was important to partner with a company like Tenderfoot TV that shares my passion and drive to take innovation to the next level,” said artist Greg Mike. “Atlanta is a massive hub for creativity, and I’m hoping this project inspires others to tell stories through art.”

Director: Brenton Smith

Starring: Greg Mike, Payne Lindsey

Keywords: stayhungry, gregmike, tenderfoottv, ChooseATL, station16, streetart, mural, documentary, ponce de leon, ponce wall, 8arm, paris on ponce,

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