TERMINUS Live: Thomas Trinh plays Rocket League

2018 | 57:12 | Entertainment |

Welcome to TERMINUS Live - a weekly show where we interview film and gaming professionals while playing their favorite games! On this episode of TERMINUS Live we play GAME with GUEST. Originally Aired January 9, 2018.

Thomas Trinh initially went into Sculpture and luckily, that, paired with desire, landed him in the Art Department and eventually the Local 479 Union. His primary focus is on being a teacher and entertainer. He has been a puppeteer/builder at the Center for Puppetry Arts, Film/TV, and local groups for 5 years. A student/teacher with Act Tactical For Film for 4 years. A performer/student of improv at Highwire Comedy, Dad's Garage, and Village Theatre for 3 years. His newest focus now is voice over work.

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